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Cyn Alexander

slow art for a slow life

About Me

I'm best in the wild spaces.

-Cyn Alexander

Cyn Alexander is the founder, owner, and operator of Venus In Pieces, a luxury puzzles and more shop launching summer of 2023. She is a full-time artist, photographer, and filmmaker committed to creating slow art made from materials she's grown, hand-crafted, or personally curated. She is a survivor of complex trauma on a journey to manage her own post-traumatic stress disorder and inspire survivors like her to own their voices and reclaim their stories. In an era where everything is speeding up, Cyn is a self-taught, intuitive creator focused on fostering a slow life.




I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, ‘This is what it is to be happy'. – Sylvia Plath

Venus In Pieces

Cyn is the founder, owner, and operator of Venus In Pieces, the online boutique puzzles and more shop dedicated to helping customers reconnect with their sense of play and pleasure. All art and products available for purchase in the shop are created with and from ingredients Cyn has grown in her own garden, hand-crafted, or personally sourced with the most indulgent sensory (and environmentally friendly) experience in mind. Click below for more information and to be notified when pre-orders are available. All items in Venus In Pieces are limited edition, so when one sells out, it's gone forever. 



Cyn is the writer, director, cinematographer, and host of her self-titled YouTube channel, a  wellspring of creative inspiration for anyone interested in intuitive visual storytelling, starting and operating a small businesshealthful solo travel via road tripping in a converted minivan, and/or creating a vibrant and magical life. Part documentary, part entertainment, part education, her videos are published every Tuesday. 


Cyn is a fine art photographer currently based in Nebraska. She is equally as happy shooting outdoors as she is in her home garden and studio, surrounded by fresh plants and flowers. Whether following cows around in a field, hiking to some pristine night sky location, or arranging cut flowers, Cyn draws her creative inspiration from the natural world and uses photography as a means of intertwining  the stories she finds there with her own vivid imagination

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