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Cyn Alexander

abstract artist | fine art photgrapher

About Me

I'm best in the wild spaces.

-Cyn Alexander

Cyn Alexander is the founder, artist, and CEO at Venus In Pieces, a fine art apothecary. She is a full-time, large-scale abstract artist and fine art photographer committed to creating slow art made from materials she's grown, hand-crafted, or personally curated. She is a survivor of complex trauma on a journey to manage her own post-traumatic stress disorder and inspire survivors like her to own their voices and reclaim their stories. In an era where everything is speeding up, Cyn is a self-taught, intuitive creator focused on fostering a slow life. 


I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, ‘This is what it is to be happy'. – Sylvia Plath

Abstract Art

While her photography explores the macro end of the world, often using selective focus to highlight specific elements of beauty, Cyn Alexander's paintings allow an abstraction from that detail-oriented view to one where representation and meaning dissolve. Through her use of strong textures, bold colors and heavy mark-making, her work explores themes of being and nothingness, freedom and constraint, and the delicate dance of light and dark.



Cyn is the writer, director, cinematographer, and host of two YouTube channels.


In January 2024, Cyn will launch her fine art channel to showcase her creative process, share  behind-the-scenes of the running an art and candle business, and discuss the state of art and art philosophy more broadly. This channel will also show the development of the 2024 art garden for Venus in Pieces. 

On her self-titled channel, Cyn shares a much more casual, vlog-style content, focusing specifically on her trips and travels in her converted minivan camper. 

New videos published on all channels weekly.


Cyn is a fine art photographer currently based in Nebraska. She draws her creative inspiration from the natural world and uses photography as a means of intertwining  the stories she finds there with her own vivid imagination. Her works seeks to capture the beauty of the thing itself while also exploring the impossibility of capturing that beauty, the ephemeral nature of subjectivity, and the resistance of the other to be subsumed. 

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