If I were a pie, I'd be lemon meringue.

If I were a book, I'd be The Wizard of Oz.

If I were a color, I'd be pink—like that obnoxious bubblegum pink you either love or hate but, either way, can't ignore.

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Me in Song:

"Season of the Witch" by Donovan

"Bad Moon Rising" by CCR

"The Archer" by Taylor Swift

"Bad Habits" by Ed Sheeran

"The Cowboy in Me" by Tim McGraw

"The Fire Inside" by Bon Jovi

walking in the rain

glow-in-the-dark paint

60's rock

wild flowers

old movies

hot chocolate




Star Trek (TOS)

green juice


sun tans (the real kind)

faux fur blankets

slow kisses


long walks

The Golden Girls

Some things I love:

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The Mundane

  • graduated Goldfarb School of Nursing in 2000

  • worked as Registered Nurse specializing in oncology until late 2010

  • graduated Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a BA in philosophy and creative writing in 2010

  • graduated Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a MA in English, specializing in rhetoric and the teaching of writing in 2012

  • attended the University of South Carolina's Department of English doctoral program. Left in 2017, PhD (ABD) in English

  • taught college English and speech communication for seven years

  • trained as a Hellenistic astrologer from 2019-present

  • mother to one beautiful daughter

  • complex post-traumatic stress survivor and advocate

  • autoimmune navigator

  • proud property and guardian of Edward the Shichon since 2008

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Three things to know about me:
  1. I hate wearing socks.

  2. I have a five planet stellium in Sagittarius (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Neptune) in my first house.

  3. My Human Design type is a Manifesting Generator.

The Bio:

I am a novelist and playwright pursuing my first publication. I write genre-bending speculative fiction that uses monsters and other supernatural and paranormal elements to explore themes of community and connection, power and identity, freedom, survival, and toxic relationships. I am also a multi-media artist using a variety of techniques to bring my dreams into material form. Creativity is a means of communicating with my higher self, and so all of my art reflects my efforts to better understand myself and the world around me.


My work is heavily informed by my experiences as a trauma survivor. I am passionate about my ongoing journey to manage my complex post-traumatic stress disorder and heal my underlying traumas. I speak often about the struggles and victories of what that looks like day to day, and I am passionate about elevating voices of survivors like me. 

Please note: As of October 2022, I am no longer accepting new coaching or astrology clients. I've decided to take my own coaching advice and invest in myself and my creative endeavors. To that end, I'll be taking all of 2023 to focus on my writing. This decision feels both risky and long over-due, but I am more than ready to share my characters and their stories with the world.