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Own your voice. Reclaim your story. 

About me



I've been telling stories my whole life. As a child, I lived in my imagination in order to survive. I told stories using paint, dolls, chalk on concrete. I created my own narratives, and I listened as my toys or my cat or the crawfish in the creek across the street told me their narratives. Storytelling was my means of coping, understanding, and interacting with the world around me. 


Now I create from a space of intention, from 

inspiration and deep intuition, and my passion for storytelling and my desire to explore is emboldened. I am on a mission to create my most exuberant life, and storytelling, in all of its forms,  is once again at the heart of my journey. Across media, I am passionate about giving voice to my ongoing trauma 

recovery story  and disrupting stereotypes surrounding ptsd. I hope that by sharing my art and my journey, I inspire others to build a life they want to stay in. 

Join me on the road at Youtube and Instagram.

Contact me below for inquiry and collaboration.


Fun Facts

  • My past career experiences include working as a Registered Nurse with critical care oncology patients, a college speech and writing instructor, and a trained Hellenistic astrologer and creativity coach.

  • I hold five college degrees.

  • I have a Sagittarius sun, moon, and ascendant.   

  • My Human Design type is a 3/1 Manifesting Generator. 

  • My favorite song is CCR's "Bad Moon Rising."

  • I am a self-taught photographer and videographer. 

  • The love of my life is a 14-year old Shih Tzu/Bichon mix named Edward.

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