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How To Work with Taurus Season Based on Your Birth Chart

Today the sun moves into the fixed sign of Taurus. Here's the easiest way to think about it: Apollo (sun god) rents an Airbnb (the bull) from Aphrodite (the love goddess, aka Venus). When you rent an airbnb, the establishment comes with a set of house rules you have to agree to follow. And when you arrive, the furnishings, the decor, and sometimes even the extras like kitchen and bath supplies are provided for you. You can use the residence as you'd like, but you can't paint the walls, right? You can't sell the couch.That's what it's like when the sun god (or any god or goddess) moves into the house of a different god or goddess. So when we start to think about the implications of Taurus season, we need to first get clear on what some of Venus's house rules are in the temple of the bull. That's step one.

Step two is to understand Apollo and his wants, needs, and desires in general. Remember, Apollo is you in the Airbnb scenario. Why are you renting this space? If you're Apollo, you want to feel alive. You are the very spark of life, the fire. You have purpose and an identity that you want to make visible. I'm simplifying here, of course. The point of this post isn't so much about Taurus season specifically, as much as it is about the process of learning to work through this basic astrology on your own.

Step three—and this is a crucial step that is not stressed enough in the meme astrology you see online—is to get a copy of your birth chart (Google how to do that if you don't know. It's super easy, and you'll find links like this one all over). Then, see what house the sign of Taurus occupies for you. Now, I am a whole sign Hellenistic astrologer, so by my practice, one entire house will be the domain of Taurus in your chart.

Okay. Now you understand Venus's house rules; you are familiar with why Apollo is renting from her; and you know where this real estate is at in your chart. Perfect. Now you can do something useful with this information. Here's an example using my Taurus placement:

Venus's temple of the bull occupies the sixth place in my chart. The sixth house is traditionally known as the house of bad fortune. It's the house of toil, how one labor's on a daily basis. It's the house of open enemies and disease and decay, and all kinds of other scary things if you read the online write-ups. The reason the sixth gets that reputation is because it sits just below the horizon, where the sun has set. Planets in the sixth house have made their entry to the underworld of the chart, but I digress. This isn't a lesson on the sixth house.

Back to Venus. Taurus is the hedonistic side of Venus. Venus wants everything pleasurable in Taurus. She wants all her senses lit up. She always craves stability here, so the bull is a perfect builder. Taurus is a great sign to plan the completing of tasks around, because a Taurus will get the job done. And then they'll rest. The bull loves a lazy afternoon floating on a sunny lake with a six-pack of something cold. Venus's bull works hard but knows how to luxuriate afterwards.

Enter Apollo. Apollo walks into Venus's temple of the bull, reads the house rules, and says, "It's a little chilly in here." The sun is hot, dry, and of a masculine nature, so it's cooled in the damp, feminine sign of Taurus. It might be hardworking, but it might also decide to kick back and just enjoy all the pleasures Venus has to offer. Taurus will definitely bring out Apollo's stubborn side, and he'll be much more slow-moving. Deliberate. Of course, he might get so caught up in gratification that he forgets to move at all.

Putting that together in my sixth place of daily routines, toil, and physical health, Taurus season is the perfect time for me to either finish or make great progress on a project I've already begun but not a good time to start a new project. I pay extra attention to my health during Taurus season (for example, this is the time when I get my annual mammogram). The sixth house is also the house of small pets, so during this Taurus season, I'll be taking my dog for regular acupuncture and laser therapy treatments for his arthritis. The timing of my decision to start him on this therapy was not accidental. I timed his treatments to start just before the season and to move through it. Because I know the sun will be shining on my work environment, I make sure the space I toil in is as pleasant and pleasurable as possible (see picture of my office above). I also make sure to get plenty of sun during this month when I know Apollo is feeling a little chilled. There are other more ritualistic things I do to work with Apollo, but this is a solid start as far as some basic, actionable ways I try to make the sun feel at home in Venus's Airbnb.

If, in looking at your own chart, you find Taurus in your fourth house, for example, you would think about how you could make your home, your roots, more pleasant for Apollo's visit. Or, if you have Taurus in the ninth place, Apollo might want you to learn how to start a garden or take a painting class (and sign your name to your art). The point I hope is coming across here is that specificity matters. Aside from the abbreviated posts I make on Instagram regarding very general themes, you won't find me writing broad stroke here's-what-the-sun-in-Taurus-means posts. That's like reading an article on WebMD about tooth decay without taking into consideration the fact that you have dentures. You're gonna get some general knowledge, and that's worth something for sure; but the magic happens when you pair that general knowledge with your specific information (here, your birth chart). And, as I am a coach who is invested in teaching her clients to empower themselves, I will continue to stress the significance of specificity when we talk about astrology.

Last, the most significant factor of all is not the energy itself, but how you intentionally use it (again, that speaks to empowerment). I'll have another post about my natal Jupiter placement to discuss that portion.

Happy Taurus season! I hope you do something luxurious for yourself—and for Apollo.

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