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I'm Rewriting My Novel

I shared this post on my Instagram the other day and wanted to make it blog official as well: I'm rewriting my completed manuscript tentatively titled, Marjorie Flack.

Here's the full text of that post:

After nearly four years and over 300,000, I have decided to rewrite my current manuscript (complete at 81,000 words). This is not a decision I’ve arrived at lightly. My manuscript is edited; it’s been beta tested; and I am ready to query for representation. But I don’t like the book. As I have evolved over the years, I am not the same person, let alone the same writer, I was four years ago when I began this journey. When I think of putting this book out into the world, I think it’s not what I want as the first representation of myself as an author. Here are three reasons I’ve decided to rewrite my novel:

  1. My protagonist, Marjorie Flack, has evolved, and the current iteration of this manuscript doesn’t feel in line with who she is now. That feels especially important given that my expectation is that this is the first book in a series. I want to get this character “right,” so she can grow and change the way the series requires her to grow and change.

  2. This book has always wanted to be a heroine’s journey novel, and I now have the skills to bring that narrative thread to life in ways I didn’t before.

  3. While the central tenets of the manuscript will remain the same, the how’s and the why’s of the story feel different now. I want to rework this manuscript to reflect what feel like more clear arcs to me.

It feels appropriate to make this announcement on the day of the full moon in Gemini (which sits in my seventh house of partnerships). My partnership with Marjorie Flack has evolved over the years, and I am open to exploring these new ideas and new ways of communicating her journey in a way that feels more authentic to the story she has trusted me to tell.

My writing plan is to spend the rest of 2022 outlining this new version, and then rewriting in January and into February. I plan to have this version complete, including edits, by the end of February and ready to query by the time Mars leaves my seventh house in March.

So that's the plan. I know I haven't been great at keeping the blog up to date (or the newsletter). As many of you know, I've been back in therapy since June, dealing with an exacerbation of my complex ptsd symptoms. I'm feeling more in balance now, and I'm ready to get back to work.

Thanks for following along and for being a part of this evolving journey.

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