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Mars in Aries: The Return of the Warrior

Note: If you are new to astrology, please see my Astrology 101 post, and then come back to this article.

Today, May 24th, Mars moves into his fiery home of Aries. To remind you, Mars is the god of war, the warrior, the planet associated with victory in battle. Mars energy makes us want to get up and get moving, accomplish tasks, take risks. In astrology, Mars is in what's called his domicile in Aries. That simply means he's in his home sign. Remember the airbnb metaphor? In Aries, the homeowner (Mars) returns to stay in his own house for a bit.

Let's talk about Aries. The first sign in the zodiacal wheel, Aries in the spark that starts a new cycle. Yang in nature, Aries is a masculine energy. The sun is exalted in Aries. This makes sense given that it is during Aries season that we have the return of the light. The days get longer, light overtakes dark. To be in exaltation means to be an honored guest. The sun exalts in Aries because of the sign's relationship to light. That's important when we talk about Mars, because as any planet moves through the sign of Aries, it grows in yang energy. That's because the light gets brighter as we move through Aries. The days are longer at the end of April than they are at the end of March. Think of planting a seed at the beginning of the month and watching it grows as the month progresses, except we're watching light here instead of a plant. Energy grows in intensity as it transits Aries.

This relationship between the sign of Aries and an increase in yang energy means that themes associated with Aries––bravery, courage, nonconformity, independence, assertiveness, aggression, hostility, impatience, confrontation, dominance, impulsivity––also increase in intensity as a planet transits the sign. When we talk about Mars, that means the middle and end of this transit (which runs from May 24 though June 21) may be more intense than the beginning. Especially since Jupiter is sitting in Aries, just waiting to expand all of the highest and lowest characteristics of Mars. The middle of June may get rocky.

For the collective, that might look like more protests, an increase in variants or new infections, hostile political discord. Mars cuts, it severs, so we may see the severing of political relationships or an increase in confrontation. Bravery in war. Courage under fire.

Individually, we need to see what house Aries occupies in our birth charts (again, if you're unsure, visit my Astrology 101 article to get started). For me, as a Sagittarius rising, Aries occupies my fifth house (the house of pleasure, creativity, children, entertainment, art). On a personal level, Mars in Aries is an auspicious time to start a new project, and I'm working both on a new writing project and on learning all about podcasting. I'm also dating and meeting new people, very fifth house. Mars transiting my house of children might mean that my daughter and I have some sort of conflict (I doubt it, but the energetic potential is there). That's what it means to work with these energies in your birth chart, to be aware of the energetic potential.

I am a more careful driver when Mars is in Aries, because I know that, collectively, people are more prone to rash and impulsive behavior. I'm still wearing a mask indoors, because I know that Mars in Aries adds a spark to the growth flame of Jupiter. As we see cases rise in the U.S. again, we can use astrology to reason that Mars may mark either the end of that rise (the severing) or the battle-cry of yet another war with this virus. Astrology can seem abstract, and I think sometimes there's an effort to make it seem abstract. My goal is to make both accessible and actionable, to demonstrate how you can use this knowledge on a daily basis in your own lives. If you're standing in line somewhere and someone is getting hostile, when Mars is in Aries is not the time to move towards a confrontation. The energetic potential for abrasive action is ripe. Tempers flare under this transit.

In general, Mars in Aries is an excellent time to start a new exercise program. Try a new sexual position (or a new partner). Move. Get sweaty. Be brave and bold, but mind your aggression. Watch your temper. Think twice before charging into whatever you're considering. Or don't. Aries is a fire sign, and from one fire sign to another, sometimes this energy is about plowing ahead full-steam, consequences be damned (careful, though, that approach is not for amateurs). Mostly, enjoy this time of ease of action. Find Aries in your birth chart, and you'll see what area of life Mars is working in right now. And remember, planetary energy is neutral; it's how we work with it that matters.

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