Mars in Pisces: Pacifying the God of War

Today, April 14th, the god of war enter the sign of the fishes. Mars enters Pisces. For me, this takes place in my fourth house, the basement of my natal chart. In Indian astrology, the fourth house is the place of moksha, or liberation from the endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth. It's everything to do with your history, your roots, your ancestry. It's the base of things and of you. In this post, I want to offer a bit of interpretation of Mars in Pisces more generally, and then specifically how I am working with this ingression in my own chart.

Mars is the son of Jupiter and Juno. Considered one of the two malefic planets in astrology (along with Saturn, though I do think the day will come when we will interpret Neptune as a malefic as well), it's often a planet whose transits are feared. The traditional ruler of Aries and Scorpio, Mars is a fiery force. It rules our drives, instincts, passions, aggressions, and yes, fears. Mars likes action, whether that's the initial spark and drive of Aries or the digging up and bringing forth of hidden things/desires/impulses of Scorpio. Its nature is hot, dry, and masculine. It rules over courage and bravery; it cuts and it burns. To work with Mars requires a sacrifice.

Here's an example:

Last summer I moved to Denver for just four months. Denver is directly on my Mars line in astrocartography. My natal Mars is cazimi my sun in the first house (cazimi meaning within about 40 minutes or less than one degree). I wrote an entire novel (that I had already planned out) in just over two months while living in Colorado. I wanted to take action on my writing, wanted to kickstart my progress, and I worked with Mars to do just that. But Mars requires a sacrifice. During the time I lived in Denver, my body broke out in rashes, one after the next, for no apparent reason. They were red and inflamed and itchy, like constant, little eruptions of fire all over me. My autoimmune condition flared, and I had almost daily headaches. Despite all of this, I got the book done...and then I left Mars.

Pisces is the double-bodied sign of the fishes. Double-bodied in that it sits at the place where light is just about to peak in the sign of Aries. Pisces is the last of the planets that sit in the section of the zodiac called the "light of the dark" (Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces). I'm working on a post about light and the zodiac, and when I finish it, I'll link it here. Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius–these are the double-bodied signs, and I think there's an inherent anxiety in each of them that pertains to their relationship to the changing light. For Pisces, it's a coming out of the dark of winter into the bright light of spring. Dark has been returning since Capricorn, but it's at Pisces that it blossoms before peaking in Aries. The double-bodied signs wrestle with the duality of light and dark, and for Pisces that wrestling is about stepping into the light. Think of it as walking into a brightly lit lobby from a darkened movie theater. There's a part of you that wants to crawl back into the darkness, and there's a part that's excited for the light. The two fishes swim in different directions–one moving towards a new path (Aries), the other marking the completion of a prior path. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and yet, if we think of the wheel of life, it's also the precipice of the beginning. It dreams and imagines. It's pregnant with possibility. And it's sensitive, delusional, weak, maybe even a little exhausted.

Mars in Pisces, then, is a god of war subdued. Mars (death, destruction, hard work, labor) in the temple of Zeus (life-force, abundance, spirituality, generousity). Zeus's Piscean temple is not the same as his Sagittarius temple, though. In Pisces, Zeus is more internal, introspective, emotional, contemplative. Those don't sound like action words to Mars. At its best, a Piscean Mars is easygoing, creative, supportive, romantic, but it also might be fanatical, delusional, temperamental. It might be friendlier, but it also might be confused. You may find you need more rest during this transit or that you feel a little sluggish.

To work with this Mars transit in your own chart, see what house you have the sign of Pisces in. Remember, signs don't enact karma, planets do. Planets in places (houses). Signs are more like flavors. For me, that means I have a Pisces-flavored Mars transiting the basement of my chart, so I'll be focusing that energy on building new foundations (new roots), especially regarding my wealth, my social support, and my emotional and physical body.

Here's what I'll be doing to aid Mars on its journey (bolded words favor Mars-like energy):

  1. Today I'm taking action by starting a new mixed-media art project that I expect will take me about two weeks to finish.

  2. I ordered a new camera that should arrive later this week, so I can work to enhance my photography and video skills.

  3. I'm forging ahead with my IG and TikTok accounts. Putting my face on my content is a challenge for me, but I am embracing it in order to conquer my fears.

  4. I am continuing to work on my physical strength by committing to my daily pilates practice.

  5. And last, I am actively dreaming about the revisions to my work-in-progress drama, Dream Lover, and plan to execute those revisions by the end of the month.

I'd love to hear about how you're working with Mars this month. Remember, energy flows whether you want it to or not, but how it flows can be influenced by your actions. We're co-creating here.