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Venus in Taurus: The Goddess Desires Pleasure

Note: if you are new to astrology, please see my Astrology 101 post, and then come back to this article.

From May 28-June 22, 2022, Venus transits Taurus, one of two signs she rules in the zodiac (the other being Libra). This is such a beautiful transit! Venus loves being at peace in her home sign where she is able to lounge and receive and luxuriate in all the pleasures of the bull, especially after spending the last month in the fiery sign of Aries.

In Aries, Venus was bold; she sought out what she wanted and she claimed her prizes. In Taurus, she invites the objects of her desires, and she receives them with enthusiasm. Traditionally, Venus rules love and beauty, pleasure and romance, sensuality and desire, and in her home sign of Taurus, she is able to sit back and enjoy the gifts of her rulership...and so are you.

The higher expression of Taurus is sensuality. Ever dated a Taurus? They'll take you to all the best restaurants, and buy you the best chocolates. They'll wear the perfect shade of blue to match their eyes, and they'll smell so good doing it. Not necessarily because they're such romantics, but because Taurus loves all the senses. The bull is grounded earth energy, rooted in its own (at times selfish) desires. It enjoys the simple things in life, and it's prone to over-indulge, get pleasantly plump and lazy. The ideal first date for a Taurus is quiet movie night at home where you cook a delicious meal together. Depending on which house Taurus occupies in your birth chart, you may experience this energy in the area of your career, your relationships, or your health. I wrote about my own experience with Taurus in my birth chart here (you'll also find more information on Venus as well).

So what happens in that area of your chart when Venus comes home to the bull? She beautifies that area of your life! She soothes it, and she turns up the pleasure component to a ten. In my case, with Taurus ruling my sixth house, I am hoping her arrival will bring further improvement in Edward's health (My Dog Won't Live Forever). He's doing so well on his seizure meds, and I hope this Venusian energy in my house of small pets brings him more good fortune. I expect my own health will improve as well. This eclipse season has brought a lot of emotional challenges for me, and while I feel good physically, I could always use a boost. The sixth house rules disease, decay, and physical illness, so Venus here is an improvement, a stabilizing effect, to matters of health. The sixth house is also how one toils on a daily basis, so I'll be further beautifying my office over these days. I have new artwork I created that I want to display, and I'll be sure to keep fresh flowers on my desk while I work to invite the goddess to bestow her blessings.

Regardless of the house Taurus falls in in your chart, Venus desires to give and receive pleasure this month. Take longer baths; indulge in your favorite desserts. Venus may brings you some unexpected money, especially as she meets up with Uranus, the planet of revolution, on June 10th. This is a wildcard placement! Venus meeting Uranus is definitely bringing something unexpected to your life. Maybe it's the job you never knew you wanted or the girl you never knew you needed. Maybe you walk away from a relationship in order to level up to something better or finally decide to commit to the one you almost let slip away. Maybe it's better sex or a sudden decision to remodel your kitchen. Stay open to change and allow Venus to work her divine healing magic in your life.

Of course, like all energies, Venus has a shadow side. The goddess in Taurus can be stubborn and impatient. She can get greedy. Her lust for security can be insatiable, and she is prone to obsession here. As always, moderation is key, though my own preference with this transit is to err on the side of indulgence, come what may. This is definitely the time to allow your dream, to desire, and to bask in all the pleasure you can amass. Remember, Venus in Taurus can be a bit of a Hedonist, and that's not always such a bad thing...for awhile. Can one be a moderate Hedonist? I don't know, but I'm willing to undergo an experiment.

Max out your self-care this month, the goddess will love it, and you'll only increase her blessings. If Taurus is in your fourth house, that may mean redecorating your home or planning a family reunion. In the seventh house, it may mean hopping on a dating app and meeting some new people or rekindling a current relationship with a weekend getaway. In the very least, be extra kind to yourself. Buy yourself some flowers. Take a walk under the setting sun. Make your own picnic in the park. Hug your kids. Try a new lotion. Watch that rom com you've been saving. Some transits are more auspicious than others, and this is one of those. Enjoy!

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